Federations of Broomball Association of Ontario


2014 F.B.A.O. Awards Night Winners’ Biographies

Jr. Female Player of the Year

 SW – Justice Martineau

o Justice plays for Windsor Devils juvenile girl’s team. She has played for the Windsor Devils since she was a Peewee and has always been very dedicated to the league. Justice was named the captain of her team this year as she always gives one hundred percent every shift on the ice and is always encouraging her teammates on the bench. In recent years she has also participated on the adult co-ed and ladies travel teams at the Senior Provincial championships where she has had great success winning 2 gold medals. Justice was also selected to participate at the Junior Nationals last year and this year. She is a quiet but fierce competitor, has an amazing shot and great stick handling skills, which make her a threat on the ice.

 CW – Georgia Ottewell

o Georgia plays defence for the Palmerston Juvenile team, the Terminators, as well as for the Titans, an Intermediate Ladies Team. She is a quiet player, but watch out - she does not hesitate to check if the need should arise. Georgia, or Georgie, as some of her teammates affectionately call her, is one of those players that can read a play and instinctively know where to be and what to do. She wants to learn as much about the game as possible and is always asking intelligent questions. Georgia has won a number of awards this year as an all star defenseman and as an MVP. Congratulations Georgia and may you continue to have success in the years to come.

 CE – Abbi Shier

o Abbi is in her 2nd year of playing broomball with the Cannington Rug Rats PeeWee team in the Cannington Junior Program. Abbi plays at the forward position, and loves to play the game of broomball. She is a very hard and dedicated player on the ice where she never gives up; and always supports her teammates. Abbi has the right attitude and sportsmanship that her fellow teammates have learned from. Abbi provides strong leadership to her young Peewee team.

 CE – Tara Lipari

o Tara has been playing for over 5 years, and is in her first year on the Innisfil Impact Midget Boys team. Tara has matured into a solid defenseman for the team by anticipating the play and playing with a lot of confidence. She regularly serves as "last man" in overtime situations, and plays with a lot of heart, whenever she steps on the ice to play. Tara always provides that strong positive attitude and encouragement to her team mates. She is a leader in the making for next year’s team. At this year's Junior Provincials, Tara was also an Affiliated Player on the Juvenile Girls’ Team. When the goalie was unable to play, she stepped in as the goalie for the first time ever in broomball, and did an amazing job. When asked if she would go in net, she said yes without hesitation; however her only question was "can we go over the rules first?"

 E – Megan Chamberland

o Megan plays on the Seaway Valley Devils and is a player who excels, leads, and provides continual support to the entire team both on and off the ice. Megan has grown and developed through the eastern Ontario youth broomball program throughout her career thus far and has proven to be a key player on the Devils. Megan puts the team's needs ahead of her own on a regular basis, ensuring everyone is happy, healthy, and ready to play. She is always focused on the task at hand; learning and improving with every shift. Her excellent work ethic and determination have allowed her to become a high caliber broomball player. She excels on the ice, proving to be a key player on the first line. Megan's positive attitude, determination, and desire to succeed make her not only an absolute pleasure to have on our team, but also a key piece to the recipe of our team's success thus far.

 E – Jasmine Namagoose

o Jasmine is a playmaker and puts in a team effort. She has all the qualities you would look for in an MVP player. She controls the play, she’s a team player, never selfish, and can put the ball in the net with her powerful shot. She is excelling not only in juvenile, but in elite as well. She has always been willing to accept advice and direction from the coaches and applies it directly to her play. At the 2014 Juvenile Nationals, Jasmine was Eastern Thunder’s MVP, she made 1st Line All Star, and was the Overall Tournament MVP. She also attended Senior Provincials with the Eastern Rebels and also was on their roster for Senior Nationals.

Jr. Male Player of the Year

 CW – Cory McGregor

o Cory is a member of the Kilsyth Flyers Juvenile Boys team as a defenseman, and he is also an important member of the Phantoms, an Elite Men’s team. Cory has a quiet relaxed manner about him, but on the ice he is all business. He has demonstrated good ball handling skills and the ability to react to what is taking place on the ice. Maturity is shown in all that he does both on and off the ice. Cory always listens when suggestions about his play are given. Cory participated in both the Junior and Senior Nationals last year and is doing the same this year. He was a member of the Gamblers as a pickup and they won the National Championship last year and repeated this year as well. Congratulations are extended to Cory both for what he has done currently and what he will do in his future broomball years.

 CE – Patrick Ramsay

o Patrick, who has played for 8 plus years, is a first year Juvenile whom has blossomed into an exceptional defenseman for the Innisfil Impact Juvenile Boys team. Patrick had a great start to the year, coming out strong and playing well for the Juveniles. He showed great effort and attitude. Unfortunately, Patrick broke his leg during Qualifiers in November of this year. Being a healthy young man, Patrick healed fairly quickly and got back on the ice a few weeks before Junior Provincials in February. He's a very coachable and hard-working individual and knows what he needs to work on especially after his injury where he did conditioning drills. Patrick may be a person of few words, however when he speaks, his words are listened to carefully by all of his teammates. Patrick is one of those players who quietly and steadily improves each year; and puts the needs of the team before his own.

 CE – Daniel Shier

o Daniel is playing in his second year with the Cannington Rug Rats PeeWee team in the Cannington Junior Program, along with his sister, Abbi. He mainly plays at the forward position, but has also adapted to play on defense this year. Daniel provides strong leadership to his young Peewee team, and he is well respected by his team mates and team officials. Daniel is a very hard worker on the ice where he never gives up. He has a great attitude; and is always supportive of his teammates on and off the ice.

 E – Chad Henderson

o Chad plays centre for the 3 time National Champion, Valley Gamblers. He is an all around player who can play forward, defense, and is even an outstanding goalie. A member of all special teams, Chad has developed into a tenacious competitor and a complete team player.

 E – Zachary Leclerc

o Zac captained Sting this season. He truly leads by example. Zac is an offensive threat every time he is on the ice, but also displays very good defensive skills. Zac was named a 2nd Line All Star at this year’s Juvenile Nationals and was also named his team’s MVP. Zac was also a key contributor to Lacombe’s win in the Intermediate Men’s Division at Senior Provincials this past March. He was named Lacombe’s team MVP and was named to the 1st All Star Line at Senior Provincials. Zac has excelled as a juvenile player and will continue that success at the Senior level.

 SW – Jordan Ringuette

o Jordan is an assistant captain on the Windsor Devils Juvenile boy’s team this year. He has shown a lot of leadership on and off the ice towards all other players. With our team being as young as we are, they all stepped up and played well together. When we got down in a game, Jordan would take it upon himself to rally the team and not give up.

Jr. Coach of the Year

 CE – Denis Veins

o Denis started coaching in the early 2000’s with the University of Waterloo Broomball Club. In 2011 he started playing in Innisfil with the Coyotes Co-Ed team. In 2012 he drove from Cambridge to Innisfil to play on a Co-Ed team; and stayed the next two hours to help with the Junior Program. Prior to the beginning of this season, Denis offered to help coach the Juvenile players as four of them had played on his Co-Ed silver medal team. He joined up with his two others this year in coaching the Innisfil Impact Juvenile Boys team. Denis drove every Sunday from Hamilton to Innisfil for coaching his Juvenile`s league games; and then coached them at their practice afterwards. This was the most successful season for their team, and that can be directly attributed to the skills and leadership being instilled by Denis. He is looking forward to returning to coaching the Juvenile Boys next year.

 E – Rob Munro

o Rob has coached the Gamblers for five years where his hard working coaching style is indicative of how they play the game. Very innovative and intense at times, Rob has been integral to the Gamblers tremendous success.

 SW – Mark Nussio

o The Windsor Devils would like to recognize Mark Nussio as our coach of the year for this season. Mark has been involved in broomball for many years as a player, referee, and previous coach. Last year he decided to take on the task of teaching our youngest group. After a successful year Mark came back again this year. Mark took this team with a few returning players and a handful of new kids. He worked them hard, had fun, and started at the basics. By the time the provincial tournament arrived he had his team with ready with a disciplined system in place and a strong system in place. They successfully and proudly defended their position as Ontario Peewee Champions. Congratulations to Mark.

 CW – Mildmay Junior Coaches

o The Central West Region would like to recognize the efforts put forth by all the junior coaches from Mildmay. For a junior program to be successful it takes many people working together. This is the case in Mildmay right from the peewee to juvenile age groups. These coaches want to give their best to these young participants and are always looking to increase their knowledge through the various coaching clinics, as well as learning from one another. A successful tournament is held in Mildmay each year and again is due to their teamwork. Thank you for being willing to take the time to ensure that your program is successful from year to year. Keep up the excellent work!

 CW – Doug McGregor

o Doug has been the Kilsyth Flyers Juvenile Boys Broomball team for the last few years. Doug’s uses his competitive experiences from the Kilsyth Flyers Elite men’s team and the young players even wear the "old" uniforms. Doug’s knowledge about the game is being passed on to these young players and how lucky they are to have Doug as a coach. Doug demands the best from his players and gets respect from his players. If a player should not make the right decision on the ice, Doug takes the time to explain what that player or players should have done. If a player or players make a good decision, he always is ready with a positive comment. Doug is definitely a good role model for these young men and hopefully he will continue to work with our young players for many years to come. Thank you Doug for your time, dedication, and efforts in junior coaching.

Female Player of the Year

 E – Cynthia Wever

o Cynthia has been playing broomball since she was 8 years old. Cynthia plays defense for the Eastern Rebels, as well as for the TW Seale team in the Vankleek Hill Rec. League. In the Vankleek Hill Rec league, Cynthia was recognized as the Defenseman of the year. 2014 also saw Cynthia earn a spot on the 1st Line All Star team at the Senior Provincials while helping her team earn the Silver Medal. In addition, at the recent Senior Nationals in Calgary, Cynthia was again recognized on the 1st Line All Star Team where the Rebels won the Silver Medal, losing a close battle in overtime to the Quebec Huskies. While playing with lots of heart and determination, Cynthia also was instrumental in helping to organize the 2014 Eastern Regionals in Maxville.

 SW – Katie McCartney

o Katie has really enjoyed the last 9 years playing broomball and attending the Sr. Provincial tournaments with a co-ed team. Growing up a hockey goalie, the transition has been enjoyable. The fast paced action at the provincial level games have kept Katie coming back and dedicating her recreational time to broomball instead of hockey. She played the past few years for East Elgin who play out of the Belmont league. At the 2014 Sr. Provincials, she back stopped East Elgin to a bronze metal & just missed a shot at a gold medal losing in overtime in the semi- final. Katie's strong play in goal earned her 2nd team all- star goalie as well as team MVP. Katie looks forward to next year & hopes her team can reach the ultimate goal of a gold medal.

 CW – Shandy Gibson

o Shandy tends goal for the Moonshiners Broomball team of the Harriston league. Her mother Joanne also tended goal a few years back and probably has given Shandy tips on playing, and Gina Henderson of the Moonshiners has probably added more information. It is not an easy job to play goal, but Shandy seems to have the tools to do the job as indicated in the Regionals and Provincials this year. It is the first time in over thirty years that the Moonshiners as a team have had this kind of success and a successful goalie is an important part of the formula. Shandy can read the play and react accordingly, has good ball handling skills, and shows good flexibility when stopping those hard shots. Well done Shandy, and the Moonshiners sure hope you are around for the future years.

 CE – Sherry Harburn

o Sherry Harburn started to play Junior Broomball in Central West. Later, she joined Team BOB’s Co-Ed team; and played a solid game on defense. During the following season, she was the female player for Central East Region. She retired for a few years, but came back and played for Wicked Ice ladies intermediate team as a defenseman and occasionally as the goalie. When the Wicked Ice team changed to Masters Ladies, Sherry became the full-time goalie. Sherry consistently has low goals against average, which helps in leading her team to repeat victories. Sherry is always "calm, cool, and collected" on the ice; and, with her smile, is one of the most positive broomball people for all of her team mates.

Male Player of the Year

 SW – Joey Lachance

o Joey started playing in the Devils minor organization at the age of 12. He has been a goal tender all through his minor years. Joey was picked up twice by the Gamblers; winning a gold & silver at the Juvenile Nationals. Joey is now playing on a men's team who won bronze at the 2014 Sr. Provincials. Joey's strong presence in goal awarded him 2nd team all-star goalie in the Intermediate Men’s division.

 CW – Mike Smale

o Mike has been a member of the Hurricanes of the Seaforth League. Mike is a real leader on this team, often giving directions on what needs to be done to improve team play. When Mike speaks, the players listen as they all respect the effort he gives on the ice and on the bench. When on the ice, Mike is like the ever-ready rabbit, playing at a high energy level. He can ball handle and shoot with the best players. Small in stature, Mike players like a much bigger man because of his speed and feisty play. Mike is a husband of a broomball player, and between the two of them, they make sure their two young children get looked after so their partner can play as well. This is dedication. Thank you for contributing to the game of Broomball Mike. May you have many more years either as a player or in some other capacity.

 CE – Andrew Coutts

o Andrew Coutts has played for many years as a defenseman on the Intermediate Men’s teams of Thunder, and then Shockers; and then with the BOB Co-Ed team in the Innisfil League over the years. The past few years he has also been a steady rear guard for the DOA Masters Men team. "Coutter" may be fairly quiet on the ice, but his skills will elude you. He demonstrates sportsmanship and strong leadership; and provides a strong commitment and dedication to the sport. He also is constantly providing learning skills to those younger and less experienced players on his league team.

 E – Paul Norman

o Paul is an all around player for the Ottawa Nationals who plays on both the power play and penalty kill, as well as centers one of the best young lines in broomball. Paul had an outstanding year for the Nationals leading the team in scoring at the Quebec tournaments and also had an outstanding provincials being named a 1st all star and scored the key overtime goal to help Ottawa get back to the finals. At the ripe old age of 24 Paul is developing into a leader and possibly future captain of the Ottawa Nationals.

Coach of the Year

 CW – Wayne Stephen

o Wayne Stephen is the head coach of the Tri County Titans, an Intermediate ladies team. This team was formed three years ago and as the saying goes they have come a long way. In fact they won the Provincial Championship this year. Wayne is a very demanding coach, but at the same time he gives credit where credit is due. Wayne prepares the team for every competition in all aspects along with his assistant coaches, Ryan Greig, Bonnie Fischer, and Georgina Reynolds. It is not an easy job to coach a lady’s team, but Wayne has done an excellent job. He sets goals for the team and then, along with the team, works towards those goals. Keep up the excellent work Wayne.

 CW – John Lenselink

o John is the head coach for the Moonshiners Ladies Broomball team of the Harriston league. Not only, under his guidance, did they qualify for the Provincials, but they won the bronze medal at the Provincials. This was the first medal at the Provincials in over thirty years. John is a quiet man, but he knows how to get the best from his players. That is why the ladies respect him so much. John has a sense of humour that goes along with his work ethic. Working with women is not always easy, but John has gained his expertise by living with a broomball family of one wife and four broomball playing daughters. May you have many more successful years as a coach regardless of the level of competition, John.

 CE – Barb Burnley

o Barb Burnley is a Team Official with the Coyotes Co-Ed team; as well as some Innisfil Impact Junior teams. "Barbie" as she prefers to be called, is also the President of the Innisfil Broomball League for a number of years; along with serving her second term as Regional Secretary. It is Barb’s skills on the bench and in the dressing room as the team Trainer that enables her teams to be ready for their games. She can also be that calming influence for younger players as their adrenalin peaks. On the surface, Barb appears to be a quite reserved person, but don't let that deceive you. When the action gets heated up on the ice, Barb gets going. Barb’s dedication to Broomball is what the sport needs more of.

 E – Doug Sloan

o Doug coaches the Glengarry Selects Masters team and led them to wins at both the Regional and Provincial championships. Obviously talented, as who else could handle this group of grumpy old men.

 SW – Patrick Cyrenne

Volunteer of the Year

 CE – Tracey McLaughlin

o Tracy McLachlan has been actively involved in broomball for more than 20 years. She started as a player in Blyth growing up, then took a break and has been the Assistant Captain and solid defenseman for the Stingers Intermediate Ladies team for about 10 years. In addition over the past 3 seasons, Tracy has been committed to supporting the growth and success of the Cannington Junior Program. When you think of a volunteer, the words of "Giving of oneself freely", "Offering a hand of service", and "takes on a task willingly" are all words that describe Tracy. Tracy has been instrumental in her support of all fundraising efforts. Every Sunday she is at practice to assist the kids, promoting fun, teaching skills, and techniques. Tracy is also the Peewee team’s Manager; and acts as a liaison with all parents.

 E – Tanya Zandbelt

o When Tanya’s kids first started with the Russell Minor Broomball League (RMBL), around 7 years ago, she asked if we needed any help. She knew her skills were not for coaching, but in helping out behind the scenes. Now she is an integral part of the Russell Minor Broomball League. She is also a vital team member in the organizing of our year-end banquet, where we have a potluck for 300 people with awards and acknowledgments. Tanya is a champion of promotion and encourages everyone she knows to try the sport of broomball and is always enthusiastic that they will love the game.

 SW – Renee Evans

o This is always a tough award to pick amongst the many volunteers it takes to run a league. The reality of this year's winner is she could have been our volunteer of the year over any of the past number of years. As a mother of three players in three different divisions, she can always be found at the arena. When she is there she is always available and involved. This year was no different, but there was more. As the parent liaison for one of our tournament teams, she was instrumental in helping many families with their fundraising activities and involved in every step. Whether it is selling chocolate bars, cooking a pasta dinner or arranging a pancake breakfast...she was involved. Then on top of it all and to the support of the whole league we benefitted from her baking desert for our whole league for our day of champions.

 CW – Sara Dineen

o Sara has been involved in broomball since she was 6 years old. Now, she not only plays for the Stampeders of the Harriston League, but she volunteers to work with young players learning the game of broomball. Sara began as a coach for peewee players in the Palmerston Junior Broomball program and for the last 5 years has been involved with the Midget Girls team along with two other coaches who, by the way, won a gold medal at the Junior Provincials in Barrie. Sara has held a number of executive positions with the Junior League in Palmerston including Vice President, President, and Past President. The Palmerston Junior Broomball players, coaches, and parents wish to thank you for your time and dedication to broomball.

 CW – Christine Lenselink

o Central West could not get along without Christine. She has been the Treasurer of Central West for a few years now and she does an excellent job of collecting the money, but also paying all the bills. This is enough to keep her busy, but she still finds time to take pictures of various teams, both Juniors and Seniors, look after the door at Regionals, work in the food booth, and put a team together to play the Master Ladies. If there is a job to be done, Christine is there. In her spare time, Christine cheers on her husband John when he plays with the Golden Boys and her four daughters, yes four not three, who are all excellent broomball players on a variety of teams. We, in Central West, are so fortunate that Christine is willing to give herself freely whenever there is a job to do. Thank You so much Christine, we appreciate all your efforts.

Official of the Year

 E – John MacSweyn

o John is an integral part of our team of referees in Eastern Region. He is always willing to referee wherever and whenever he is needed. He attended both Junior and Senior Provincials this year and did a very good job. John is fair with his calls on the ice and is respected by players and coaches alike.

 SW – Dan Dufour

o Dany has been an outstanding official through his years as an official earning many invitations to the Junior Nationals along with his officiating at the Junior provincial level often refereeing the finals of the tournament. His has also made contributions towards the development of Junior officials as a mentor to several young referees.

 CW – Kelly O’Neil

o Kelly, who plays as a forward on the Cyclones of the Seaforth League, has taken on the added challenge of refereeing. Kelly has made a study of the game and, therefore, is very knowledgeable about the game as a whole. Kelly takes being a referee seriously and takes pride in calling what needs to be called. Keeping up with the play and being vigilant of what is taking place in all areas of the ice surface are important to Kelly. Players appreciate the feeling that he is impartial when refereeing games. Hopefully Kelly will continue to perfect his refereeing skills in future years.

 CE – Doug Galt

o Doug Galt has been officiating in the sport of Broomball within the Region, and at the Provincial and National events for years. He has been the Central East Region’s Referee-in-Chief for a few years now. Doug had a very scary fall at the Senior Provincials in Windsor over a year ago, and that blow to the head instilled him to seek the role of FBAO Officials Chairperson, which he has been carrying out for the past year. Doug has been utilizing his years of experience in an attempt to bring common sense to the game for his Officials. Like most Officials, Doug has been described by players, as a "bleep-bleep"; but he is also someone who is always approachable. Doug always keeps the games under control and flowing, just like he learned at blind school.