Federation of Broomball Associations of Ontario


2015 CW Regional Tournament

Feb. 21, 22, 28, March 1 - Palmerston Areana

Tournament Schedule and Results


Elite Men

Elite Ladies

Gold: Palmerston Rookies

Gold:  O.S.S.

Silver: Kilsyth Phantoms

Silver:  Polar Ice

Bronze: Guess Who




Intermediate Men 

Intermediate Ladies

Gold: A Few Good Men

Gold: Titans

Silver: Special K

Silver: Witches of Broom

Bronze:  Hurricanes

Bronze:  Arctic Blaze





 Gold:  Heads or Tails


 Silver:  Slushies


 Bronze:  RW & Co.


Masters Men 

Masters Ladies

Gold: Cargill Rookies

Gold:  Parr Line Golden Girls

Silver: Golden Boys

Silver:  Hot Flashes 

 Bronze:  CPR